Why Volunteer

There are many reasons to join our Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund team but perhaps this is the best way to spell it out for you:

Gain; gratitude

Ownership; opportunity

Teamwork; tradition; trust; timeserving

Education; enjoyment; excitement; effect; expansion

Relationships; reason; revitalization; recognition

Pride; passion; partnerships; perspective

Support; service; social network; selflessness; satisfaction

Aside from the obvious words of your gains from a volunteer effort, here is what you can mull over while debating whether or not to volunteer your time to the University of Maryland.

  • You have the ability to support the athletic teams that have given you so many memorable moments throughout the University of Maryland’s 150-year history
  • You can give back to a university that has provided you with nearly 40 National Championship teams

With your service, we can help the athletic department continue its mission of providing student athletes with an education, a family of teammates, and long lasting memories of their experiences as a Terp. Lastly, you can help the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund better compete with other schools in terms of fundraising, pride, and athletic excellence.

Volunteer Application