Seat Adjustment FAQ

General Questions

How do I select my seats?

You have three different options. The first option is to come into the Comcast center and personally select your seats with our staff. The second option is to select your seats online at The third option is to call in your selection at the Terrapin Club Seat Adjustment Hotline. Selecting online is the easiest, most covenant way to select.

What If I want to select my seats with a group of other members?

If you have a group of people that want to select seats together, you may select seats at the same time. However, you all must select at the lowest rank (latest appointment time) so that no one is jumping up selection spots.

When are the proxy, group selection, and non-attendance forms due?

We will still be accepting all three forms until the end of the adjustment process. However, you MUST hve your form in 24 hours before your appointment time. If you are requesting a group selection, the request must be in to us 24 hours before all members of the group selection’s appointments. Remember you can find all of these forms under the “2012 Comcast Seat Adjustment” Page.

What happens if I will be unable to make my selections during my appointment time?

You have two options. The first option is to fill out a proxy form where you have another person to select your seats for you. Option two is that you fill out a Non-Attendance form, which allows a member of the Terrapin Club to select your seats for you during your appointment time. You must give us at least three choices as to where you want to sit, and we will give you the best seats possible based on your requests.

Why do sections 110 and 213 look available but I cannot select them?

Sections 110 and 213 are UMCP Faculty-Staff sections reserved for University staff to select from in Terpoint Rank order. Those seats in both sections are only available to Staff and Faculty that have permission to select them.

Where should I park when I come to select my seats?

You should park in the Director’s Circle and the very front of lot 4b. The Dirctor’s Circle parking spaces have sign son them that reserve the spots for the Seat Adjustment process.

What happens if I miss my appointment time?

You may still select your seats any time after your appointment time by phone, email, or in person.

How much time do I have to select my seats?

Each section is 3 minutes, but you may go over in case complications occur. Once your selection appointment time comes, the time for you to choose your seats does not close until the end of the entire seat selection process on June 14th.

How can I get the same seats I had previously?

The Seat Adjustment process is run on the “Terp Points” system. The more points you have, the higher your rank will be in selecting your seats. Since all seats are available for purchase, there is no way to “keep” your seats, but a majority of the time your seats will still be available to you when your appointment time comes.

NOTE: The best way to get good seats and to no have any surprises when your appointment time comes is to check the online seat selection 3-D chart, as it is automatically updated in real-time.

How much time beforehand should I call in/ log on/ come in?

We suggest that you give yourself 10-15 minutes before your appointment time so that you are prepared for your appointment selection once its your time.

How many parking passes can I buy?

You can buy 1 Parking pass per 4 tickets. For example, if you have 4 tickets, you may purchase 1 parking pass. If you have 5-8 seats, you may purchase 2 parking passes. Remember that parking passes are purchase at the same time as you purchase your seats.

How do I get to the seat adjustment website?

First, go to  and scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Terrapin Club News”. The third story will by “2012 Comcast Seat Adjustment” and click on that. Once the next page loads, Click on the Red link “Seat Adjustment Online System-Available Now”. That will bring up the homepage for the Seat Selection process. You will then proceed to type in your Customer Number and Password to Login to your account. Once the account is loaded, a screen will appear that show a video walk-through, account information, and a countdown until your appointment time. At the top of the screen, you shoudl see several gray tabs such as My Account, Instructions, Select, Review, Confirm, and Invoice. Click on “Select” and a 3-D model of the Comcast Center will appear. Drag your mouse over each section to decide which section you would like to be in. A RED section mean sthere are no more seats available for purchase in that particular section. A GREEN section mean sthat there are still a number of seats available. Once you click on a particular section, you can see which exact seats are still availabe. Once again, the GREEN seats are available, and the RED are not.

Where do I find my Customer Number and Password?

Both your Customer number and password were mailed out to all season ticket holders. If for some reason you either misplaced the letter or did not recieve one, please call the Terrapin Club at (301)-314-7020 where someone will be able to assist you.

Where do I go when I come in personally to select my seats?

You can access seat selection in person by parking in lot 4b in the assigned “Seat Adjustment” parking space. Head into the Comcast Center on the main floor. There will be signs directing you down to the North Suite Section where the Seat Adjusement Process takes place. There are signs that will guide you down the hallway to where the North Suites are.

Can I purchase additional seats during my appointment?

YES-You can purchase up to the amount of tickets that your current Terrapin Club membership benefit level allows.

 When can I call the Seat Adjustment Hotline?

Calls to the seat adjustment hotline (301-314-1690) are only for members with appointments that start within 15 minutes of the call. For all other questions about Seat Adjustment, please call 301-314-7020.

Building Partners

If I am a Building Partner, and I have not let the Terrapin Club know about my Building Partner Seats, what will happen?

If you do NOTHING, your Building Partner seats will continue to be your seats. You can log into the Seat Adjustment system, and actually view the seats in your account now.

As a Building Partner, why did I receive an appointment?

-          You may want/have the ability to purchase more Season Tickets based upon your current Terrapin Club Membership Level.

-          You recieved a User Name and Password so that can view your Building Partner seat already in your account online.

-          You may have non-building partner seats in addition to your Building Partner seats that you will still be selecting during seat adjustment.

-          You can follow the entire Seat Adjustment Process by using the User Name and Password just to log in.

UMCP Staff / Faculty

 Seat Adjustment for Faculty and Staff Terrapin Club Members

1. Full-time or retired UMCP Faculty and Staff (FS) who are members of the Terrapin Club and have seats currently in Comcast Center (during the 2011-2012 season) will be considered for Seat Adjustment.

2. To participate in the 2012 Seat Adjustment, all existing FS members must maintain their Terrapin Club member status (Silver Level or above)and have their membership submitted by April 30, 2012.

3. All existing FS members with Comcast Center seats will be eligible for the same amount of season tickets purchased during the 2011-2012 season.

4. Seat Selection will be based on Terpoint Rank.