Mission Statement

The Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund is a dedicated team striving to enhance the University of Maryland student-athlete experience by fully funding annual scholarship costs and departmental initiatives.

The University of Maryland Department of Intercollegiate Athletics takes pride in its student-athletes’ stellar academics and athletic success. With the help of the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund, student-athletes at Maryland are able to excel both in the classroom and in competition. As a donor to the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund, you are able to support Maryland’s student-athletes, as well as receive exciting benefits. All contributions given to the TCSF are used to cover scholarship expenses such as tuition, room, board and academic support for Maryland student-athletes. During 2012-2013, the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund raised $8.1 Million of the $11 Million needed to pay the scholarship bill – the team needs you! DONATE TODAY and support your Maryland Terrapins!