Donation Information

Donation Overview

As a Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund donor, you can contribute as much or as little as you desire. Your benefits of donation, however, do vary depending on your level and amount of contribution. The Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund is composed of nine levels of donation, ranging from the Director’s Circle level, where donors contribute at least $25,000 per year, to the Bronze level, where donors contribute $55 per year.

Giving Levels

*Effective for 2013-2014 donor year*

Director’s Circle $25,000 or more
Top Terp $11,000 – $24,999
Coaches Club $5,500 – $10,999
Super Terrapin $2,200 – $5,499
Diamondback $1,300 – $2,199
Gold $650 – $1,299
Silver 275 $275 – $649
Silver $135 – $274
Bronze $55 – $134
*Young Alumni Program $25 (year 1 after graduation)
$50 (year 2 after graduation)
$75 (year 3 after graduation)
$100 (year 4 after graduation)
$135 (year 5 after graduation)

*same benefits as Silver donor

Terpoints – Priority Point System

Your generosity and support of Maryland Athletics is measured by an objective priority point system. Terpoints reward donors for current annual gift, lifetime giving (including capital campaign gifts and irrevocable planned gifts), consecutive years of donating, new donor referrals and season ticket holder status. A donor’s total number of Terpoints determines his/her Terpoint priority rank within the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund.

Click here to view a table of benefits by giving level. To determine how you calculate your total number of Terpoints, click here.