The Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund — originally founded as the Maryland Educational Foundation, Inc.,— was initially formed in 1946 as a support club and social network for Maryland Athletics with four regions — Baltimore, Washington, the Western Shore, and the Eastern Shore.

To be certain, the Terrapin Club has evolved over the years. There is a more sophisticated governance structure, multiple donation levels, tangible and intangible benefits for donors, and appropriate athletics department oversight to ensure full compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.

As you review the information throughout our website, please keep in mind that EVERY donor has an impact and EVERY dollar makes a difference. Your gifts is not just a “line-item” in the athletic budget. It is directly reinvested in our department’s most precious resource — the student-athletes.


“We are often asked the purpose of the Terrapin Club, even by some long-time donors. By adding Scholarship Fund to our existing name, we maintain our familiar identity and better explain what we do. Having the opportunity to see the direct impact of our gift is very fulfilling and certainly fills us with Maryland Pride.”

— Phil and Marlene Feldman, Director’s Circle Donors


“We are so proud to assist these fine men with their education at the University of Maryland. Plus, we are very honored that they represent our scholarships. Times like this solidifies our commitment to continue our gifting to Maryland.”

— Bob and Carol Smith, Director’s Circle and Endowed Scholarship Donors

Donor Spotlight: TCSF District Leader and Donor Jen Coatsworth

We have a great location right outside of DC and Baltimore yet we consistently lose talent to schools in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Penn State).  I personally would love to see lots more National Championships for our Terps and the only way to do that is to give back the the university we all love so deeply.

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Donor Spotlight: TCSF Board Member and Donor Linh Nguyen

Maryland Athletics has had a huge impact on my life. I’ve been a Maryland fan since I was little–so many of my family and friends have gone to Maryland and it’s really the only thing my dad calls me to talk about on a regular basis. I’ve met some incredible people through athletics as well as created many amazing memories.

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Washington Post Feature on Joel Ryerson

Longtime Terrapin Club donor Joel Ryerson is featured in the Washington Post’s October 16, 2012 edition for his dedicated support for Maryland Athletics. Joel has been a presence at Maryland athletic events ranging from football to field hockey and has attended practices regularly for over 30 years. As Coach Randy Edsall told the Post: “I’ve never experienced anything like it as an assistant coach or as a head coach,” Edsall says. “I’ve never been around anybody who has been that loyal, to come to practice, to be a part of the program — to be a part of the family, really. For 30 years? That’s just unheard of.” To read the Washington Post article, please visit: University of Maryland’s super fan thrives on 30 years of dedication to the Terps

100-Year-Old Terp Honored

Though three jobs and an entire course load prevented Stan Lore from playing baseball for the University of Maryland in the early 1930s, nothing has stopped him from avidly supporting the Terrapins since; not even age. Lore, now 100, attended Saturday’s football game against Wake Forest and was honored as the Terrapin Club Donor of the Game for his longtime support of Maryland athletics. This is an apt tribute to a diehard fan that has supported the Terrapins for well over half a century. “Whether I was good, bad or indifferent baseball-wise, I don’t know,” Lore told Dan Steinberg in an article in The Washington Post. “But I’ve been interested in Maryland sports ever since I started there.” Lore’s support of Maryland athletics extends beyond football, for which he has owned season tickets for over 30 years. He also reads about or watches every game for every Maryland sport that he can from his home in Western Pennsylvania. “I don’t root for Penn State or Pitt or anybody else,” Lore added in the Post article. “I’m a diehard Maryland Terp.”

Donor Mike Frieman Feature in Forbes