District Agents are the truest form of a volunteer within the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund. They are key in helping us achieve our goals. In order to achieve our goals as a team, a program, and a university, the number of performing District Agents we have must continue to grow. If you are unsure about volunteering your time towards a great cause, then we urge you to click the “Why Volunteer” section located under the “Volunteers” tab.

District Agents are the most crucial component of any volunteer efforts that our team puts forth. We equip our agents with exclusive mentoring from a staff member and other necessary tools in order to do the best job possible. If you know you are ready to help bring the Maryland Terrapins to the forefront of NCAA athletics then please give us a call at (301) 314-7020 or fill out the online Volunteer Application Form and we will gladly prepare you for your tasks as a District Agent.

You will be tasked with reaching out to current donors living in your respective District in order to help with donation renewal efforts, inform of District events, and initiate new referrals. Just because you do not live near College Park does not mean that you cannot have a large impact on the athletic program of your beloved Terrapins. The Terps need you if we are to continue our efforts to become the most elite athletic program in the country. The primary responsibilities of all District Agents are:

  • Contact approximately 25 assigned current members via email or phone in order to;
  • Promote fan camaraderie, District events, ticket sales, and deadlines;
  • Recruit a minimum of three (3) new fans to become Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund donors;
  • And a will to work for a greater reward!

For successful efforts as a District volunteer, you have the potential to earn one or more of the following:

  • Proper Terpoint credit for new donor referrals
  • Mezzanine level seats for football
  • Authentic Maryland and Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund gifts
  • Suite access for football and basketball games
  • Heritage Hall access at home basketball games

If you are ready and willing to join our team, please call and we will get you the necessary information to begin your venture with the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund.

Volunteer Application