Our Story

We need to tell our story better, and it is simply the right message for our annual giving efforts. At Maryland, we invest our gifts through the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund directly towards scholarships for student-athletes. They are WHY we do what we do.”

-Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson


The mission of the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund is to generate private donations to fund the annual scholarship costs for Maryland’s student-athletes. By covering the costs associated with the annual scholarship bill – approximately at $12,000,000 – the department can reinvest other revenue sources in recruiting, operations, and other costs associated with its 20 sports programs.

The Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund – founded as the Maryland Educational Foundation, Inc. in 1946 – was initially formed as a support club and social network for Maryland Athletics in four regions – Baltimore, Washington, the Western Shore, and the Eastern Shore. Baltimore and Washington actually had quotas of 50 each, while both shores had 25 each. To be certain, the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund has evolved over the years. There is a more sophisticated governance structure, multiple donation levels, tangible and intangible benefits for donors, and appropriate athletics department oversight to ensure full compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.